North Macedonia – Vasil: “YOU is the perfect blend of east meets west”

North Macedonia – Vasil: “YOU is the perfect blend of east meets west”

Vasil Garvanliev will represent North Macedonia at 65th Eurovision Song Contest with the song “You“. The song is yet to be released but Infe Greece contaced the artist who gave us some information about his Eurovision entry and his career so far.

-Hello Vasil I am Giannis from Infe Greece and I hope I find you well. Could I send you some questions about yur Eurovision entry?

Of course thank you very much! Feel free to and would love to learn something in greek.

1. How do you feel about representing North Macedonia at 65th Eurovision Song Contest? 

Very excited yet calm. Focused on presenting us and myself in the most honest and best light possible.

2. a) Last year you were one of the backing vocalists of Tamara’s entry “Proud”. What did she tell you about participating as a lead singer and how do you know each other? b) Against all the odds Tamara came 7th last year. What characteristics should an entry have to achieve this result?

A. We are almost the same generation so in the music business we grew up each other in a way but met met right before eurovison. I helped her with the English on the song and she had me join to help prep her and then stood behind her on stage to support her.

B. Voice. Song. Focus. Concept. Truth. Delivery

3) Eurovision is a dream that came true. What should people do to make their dreams come true? 

Make a proper wish. I always say careful the wish you make … it comes true … we just don’t know how to wish.

Make a wish. Let it go. Focus. When it comes your way …. make the most of it!

4) Do you believe that the odds affect the opinion of the public about which participation they should vote for?

Of course they do. Sadly we listen with our eyes now a days … but … there’s always the dark horse.

5) You started to get involved with the music at 7 years old. Could tell us some things about your career? (studies abroad, the type of the music you offer, important collaborations e.t.c.) 

Music has been my guide, my universal passport to every place.

Started out as a child pop star back home with about 15 songs, then moved to Chicago with family where I focused on choral singing, jazz, musicals and got a chance to sing for a lot of superstars and important people like: Barbara Streisand, Celine, David Foster, Maya Angelou.

I studied in Milano for a year then focused my Studies in Toronto for 10 years where my career as a lead operatic baritone took off. Sang over 50 roles.

Also lived a year in London before I decided to move back home, put opera aside, and focus on original pop music and let my voice and story shine that way.

Being chosen for Eurovison has been the biggest stamp of approval for me that all this hard focus and work is paying off.

6) The video clip of your song Patuvam gives us some vibes of ‘queer culture’. Do you believe this element could help you transmit your message to Eurovision? 

That is the most uninteresting thing about me. What I care to transmit is love, truth, and positive energy. I wanna tough and inspire people, period. The rest … is just a dance.

7) Many viewers claim that professional juries are not necessary because the contest is a televised show. What is your opinion about it? 

There are many elements to Eurovison. I do think it’s nice to have a jury because they assess the professional elements of the performance – vocal technique, capabilities, ability to translate and transmit to TV. The energy in the hall is oh so different than the little tv screen.

8) As a Eurovision fan have you recognized the criteria that the televoters support an entry?

Connect. Touch. Inspire.

9) Could you give us some clues about your entry? (Maybe the type of the song, the idea or around what date to expect it)

To me it’s the perfect blend of east meets west. We in the Balkans have a special flavour that the other side doesn’t often get or understand. It gives us that …. spicy flavour

10) Could you tell us some of your favourite Eurovision entries? 

First that come to mind:

Loreen, Sakis, Tajci

11) Have you ever been in Greece?

Many times. I grew up on Halkidiki. I am 45 minutes drive from Thessaloniki and go and spend my weekends there very often.

Yassas my beautiful family!

We would like to thank Vasil very much for his kndness and sharing with us all these details. We wish him all the best in Eurovision 2020 and his career too!

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