Eurovision 2022: Second rehearsals of the last semi-finalists

Eurovision 2022: Second rehearsals of the last semi-finalists

Sheldon Riley (Australia): “Not the Same”

The Australian act appears dressed in a white dress, similar to he dressed in the Australian national final. The only element in the staging is a stair. He start standing in the bottom of the stair, climb it and finally removes the mask on the top. Due to problems with the costume he missed part of the lyrics.

Andromache (Cyprus): “Ela”

The main element of the staging is a big shell in the center of the stage, probably to hide the arch of “the sun” and maybe a tribute to the Italian picture “The born of Venus”, by Botticelli. Some graphics are projected on the shell. She is accompained of two female dancers that moves from the sides to the center where Andromache is .The Cypriot representative had some sound issues.

Brooke (Ireland): “That’s Rich”

Brooke and her backing dancers start over the floor, lying down, while appears on the floor LED a heart. A similar element is projected in the background. The lights are pink and blue with Brooke dressed in blue.

Andrea (North Macedonia): “Circles”

Andrea, dressed in black, starts her performance from the back of the arena while the camera follow her until the stage. The graphics are in black and blue with small splashes of colour, ending with a sunrise. The LED on the floor has a nice effect with the ground collapsing under Andrea.

Stefan (Estonia): “Hope”

The performance starts with a sepia tone, simulating a old film or photo. The singer moves to from the satellite stage to the main stage. Finally jumps over the waterfall, returning to the satellite stage. Stefan has changed his costume, and now is white / beige (in the first rehearsal was black).

WRS (Rumania): “Llámame”

Shot of the male dancers individually at the begining. The dancers and WRS are dressed in red, with latin style. In the last part of the song, the singer rips off his costume, finishing in a silver body suit. The banners, that it show the lyrics on the background, are now on the sides. Despite this the background is partially covered for the arch.

Ochman (Polonia): “River”

A fake effect of thunder, with rain and thunderstrom, is used on the performance of the Polish act. Ochman sings surrounded of four dancers with hoods, near to the final. Last part is OK for the contest . As he explained later in the press conference the backing dancers are the interior demons that we have and need to eliminate.

Vladana (Montenegro): “Breathe”

The dress of Vladana is blue with a kind of circular wings. This element includes a LED screen attached to her back. There are also light in the top part of her dress. It’s not sure if finally will use the light because some run the lights were off.

Jérémie Makiese (Switzerland): “Miss You”

The singer starts alone in the back of the stage. Four dancers join him in the chorus of the second verse. He has issues with the sound. The delegation has used the LED wall at the back, we suppose to cover the arch of “The Sun”.

Cornelia Jakobs (Sweden):“Hold Me Closer”

Maybe the rehearsal with more issues of the day due to the sound. Cornelia had to start again sometimes. Finally the rehearsal was done but the singer and the delegation were not agree with the results. The performance and staging are almost exactly like her Melodifestivalen participation.

We Are Domi (República Checa): “Lights Out”

There are graphics of Roman statues in the background and the LED floor (maybe other tribute to the host country). The vocalist is the center of the stage while the rest of the members are in platforms each side. Of course there are many, many lights during the chorus.

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