Cyprus-Sandro: “Τhe story of Running has to do about the way I ran away from the darkness” (exclusive interview)

Cyprus-Sandro: “Τhe story of Running has to do about the way I ran away from the darkness” (exclusive interview)

The fan club of Eurovision Infe Greece had the chance to meet this year’s Cyprus representative Sandro Nicolas. The artist paid a visit to Athens for the final recording of his entry “Running”.  We were able to chat with him at the hotel he stayed and see how ready and excited he feels for this year’s competition.

In the interview Sandro informed us about the theme and the baseline of his song and gave us the opportunity to know more about what he believes for the show of Eurovision.

-Good afternoon Sandro, I’m Giannis and thanks a lot for accepting to answer our questions about your entry in Eurovision.

– Hi Giannis, thank you too!

1.Fistly we would like to tell us how you feel about representing Cyprus at the 65th Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. Do you feel ready for this experience?

-I am feeling great and charged up. It’s a great honor for me to represent Cyprus. I am totally ready 100%.

2.Given the fact that the title of your entry is “Running”, could you please tell us some details about the song?

We came up with a song that is real, genuine and it comes from the bottom of my heart. The baseline of the song comes from a real place. Τhe theme of the song has to do about how you run away from the darkness. With the problems I’ve been facing all along and are part of my life, part of my personality and the way I am dealing with them. It is important to say that we need to speak up.

We wrote the song with the great Alfie (Alcuri) and Octavian and Sebastian who are in Berlin both. Teo Arkitekt is the producer of the song. They are top producers and songwriters.

3.Why do you think “Running” was the most appropriate song from those you recorded? How did you choose it?

-It’s a special song, and maybe a little out of the box that I’m used to. But its powerful message combined with what we are already preparing for the stage makes us believe we will make proud all of you who support us. This matters above all.

4. Have you listened to the songs were released so far? What is your opinion about them?

-Yes I’ve listened to quite a few songs so far. Well they are great, special and authentic. I like every single song and all I can say is I wish them the best. Most importantly have fun and enjoy your time to the fullest because it’s once-in-a-lifetime chance. That’s the most important thing ever.

5.Have you met the greek representative Stafania?

No, I haven’t met her yet but absolutely we will see each other soon.

6.Will the televoting or the votes of the juries be stressful for you?

-To be honest i’ll be doing my best and I am trying to enjoy my time. I am trying to put 100% in order to feel complacent and if I am compelecent it will be totally fine. Whenever I know that I do a good job and the perfomance is professional, I am good and there is no reason to be stressed.

7.Do you beleive the bets can affect the opinion of those who vote? For example Duncan was first from the beginning and at one point Eleni was first after her live perfomance in the semi-final. What’s your opinion about it?

-We are working so hard in order to be proud of the result you will see on stage. The rest is something we can not control and no one knows how the trends can be.

8.What are your plans after Eurovision?

-That’s a very good question. I will continue my career with the record company I will cooperate. I have been composing and producing songs since I was 15 and I think I can make my own mark not only for Eurovision but for my career later too.The competition is a great opportunity to present my music and my songs to a wide audience.

We would like to thank Sandro a lot for answering our questions with a wholehearted manner and we wish him all the best for Rotterdam. Special thanks to the team Cyprus for accepting our proposal for this interview with enthusiasm.

Sandro’s entry is expected to be realeased until March 6 and we are sure that all the team has created something special and unique. Stay tuned for more details…

Interview: Giannis Kostikas


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